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  • One of the most important medical discoveries in the history of cancer medicine.
    A non-systemic technology conceived to eradicate solid tumors without the side effects
    Starpax technologies addresses all solid tumors that represent 90% of cancers.


    Since the 19th century, cancer has been treated with three main technologies

    • Systemic chemotherapy
    • Radiation therapy
    • Immunotherapy.

    However, several studies and clinical trials have shown that these three types of treatments are ineffective in hypoxic zones (low level of oxygen) containing cancer stem cells. Starpax is pleased to introduce an all-new fourth cancer treatment technology, the ” Starpax therapy ”, a non-systemic treatment for the eradication of cancerous tumors and their stem cells located in the hypoxic zones, without the secondary effects and costs caused by usual treatments.

    Michael Gareau
    Founding president